Wednesday, 13 August 2014

General Dunya Love Story (Version

Cerita yang tiada kena-mengena pada yang hidup atau yang telah meninggal dunia. Tapi kalau terkena tu tak sengaja la ye..:D

A typical love story. A Malay drama. A reality.

Its all begin....(Sila baca slow-slow and penuh penghayatan..haha)

.......I can still remember the first time we met about a year ago. Coincidentally we both wearing a hard rock cafe shirt, yours was purple and mine red. You wore a scarf that time.You appear simple but yet so beautiful and I was stunt just after you step out of your car. I will not forget your first smile to me. :)

Then, we went to eat. I had promise to take you to the delicious satay place. I was glad you like the meal. Do you remember that?  We went to a movie after that. We decided to watch this one comedy movie. You had help to choose the seat, and surprisingly you had choose the couple seat. Wait a minute, truly I was a bit shock back then, it was a first date and I actually do not sure if it was a date. Probably i'm not used to choose that  kind of sit. But I think I managed to play it cool. Do you think?

I can remember the way you laugh, you sound like a very fun & cheerful girl. I think the cheerful I've ever met. I really like that. From that night I have fallen into you.  I cant forget your smile, your eyes..your laugh,, and above all I believe you are very kind person. That night, you had leave your persona on me.

After that night we still keep in touch, and all seems going well until one day..something not nice happen one day. I had wrongly text you a picture of a girl, I admit that was a picture of another girl I went out. But, truly it was my friend and we had nothing. Since that particular moment, you began to keep distance on me. I felt very sad and had wish it would not happened. I loose my grip on you.

Still to this day, I am hoping that I will get a chance back with you. Time to time, I keep on contacting you by texting..sometime you reply me back but much of the time you will not. I am not angry or mad if you not replying me.. because all the text I send is just to show you that I always care about you.

What I'm trying to say is, even off what happen I still can forget about you. I will wait for you..I will pray.

--Story End--

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  1. "What I'm trying to say is, even off what happen I still can forget about you. I will wait for you..I will pray."

    x paham

    p/s: anyway...sweeeettttnyerrr....hahahaa